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 Daziah T. Crawford

Daziah was beautiful inside and out.  The community was very important to Daziah.  She was well-known in her local and college communities.  Always helping others.  Her philanthropic highlights were lobbying to provide clean water in Flint, MI, and consistently supplying food and clothes to those less fortunate.  Her interests in performing arts and journalism are displayed in each of the icons on the foundation's logo.  She performed in many local performing arts theatre companies including the incomparable Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit.  Never straying away from her passion for the stage, Daziah began working with numerous local studio artists.  She's featured on multiple songs currently on Apple Music, SoundCloud, Tidal, and YouTube.  She performed at numerous events throughout MI and OH.  Daziah was in the process of completing her own solo project before her untimely death.  To enjoy a free download of her single "Visions" click the link below

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