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As always, it is our privilege and honor to welcome all interested into The Daziah T. Crawford Foundation. This foundation was created to support our youth who are pursuing a higher education in journalism and performing arts. 

The foundation is in honor of Daziah who's life ended very young due to a tragic accident on August 5, 2018. She was a journalism major and a recording artist. Her family and friends wanted to keep her legacy alive and decided a foundation helping students to pursue their dreams is the greatest honor.

With the ongoing support that we've received regarding the foundation, we will be able to provide scholarships and other educational efforts for students nationwide with a concentration in the Metro-Detroit area.

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The Daziah T. Crawford Foundation

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Who Are We?

The Daziah T. Crawford Foundation was established in 2019. This organization was founded to enlighten and encourage our youth throughout all communities. 


Community was very important to Daziah.  She was involved with various non-profit organizations that gave her the opportunity to give back, including mentoring.  Her philanthropic highlights were lobbying to provide clean water in Flint, MI and consistently supplied food to those less fortunate.

Never straying away from her passion for the stage, Daziah began working with numerous studio artists.  She is featured on multiple songs currently on Apple Music, SoundCloud, Tidal and YouTube. She performed at numerous events throughout the State of Michigan.  Though her adult life was short lived, Daziah was in process of completing her own solo project.

The Daziah T. Crawford Foundation will carry out her legacy through providing college scholarships and financial support to qualifying students nationwide in the categories of journalism and performing arts.


The Artist

Ever heard some good music and you were just floored! Daziah was definitely that artist who could leave you wanting more. Her vocal ability along with her ability to communicate her heart through lyrics was absolutely incredible! Don't believe us? Take a listen...

"Visions by Daz"

Daziah T. Crawford was passionate about journalism and the performing arts.  The Daziah T. Crawford Foundation will represent the essence of Daziah’s passion by helping others to obtain a quality education with minimal financial restraints.

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Providing scholarships to young women and men in the Metro-Detroit area and nationwide who are enrolled in college as journalism or performing arts majors.




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